Google Maps Usability Test

Helping people get to multiple destinations at once.

google iphone maps.jpg

Going multiple places today?

I tested 5 google maps users and found that 4 out of 5 did not know you could add multiple stops.

google maps pages view portfolio.jpg

Discovering the tools to plan ahead.

All of the users suggested they would use the multiple stops option if they had known. Since finding the tool I use it everyday.

current task flow gmaps portfolio.jpg

Task flows to go further.

The user's understanding of new available features is the clear problem and a simple fix.

Google Maps Case study (prototype).jpg

Taking advantage of screen space.

Depending on the directions on the screen the note will appear in a part of the screen that will not interfere with the relevant information in the map.


A time based discovery note.

By letting the users know that they have the option to add stops along their route the tool will be discovered and heavily used saving millions of people time. The note will pop up only if they have never use the tool, and will disappear within 10 seconds if not used. The note will pop up twice before assuming the users understand the message.