Product Design Test Projects


Great things can be greater

This is a collection of experiment projects to test and improve world class products.

These projects are independent experiments not directly related to these companies.


Helping us go

Google maps helps billions of people get from point a to b. Through user testing I found out that it would take us from point a to b to c and d.

Helping us stay

Airbnb is helping us feel at home around the world. I am helping airbnb make sure it's users feel at home while interfacing with the mobile app.

Helping us create

Apple makes some of the most powerful creative tools on earth. Luckily the best can get better. I want to fix the little things to keep creatives creating.


Helping us go faster

Uber makes getting around easier than ever. When speed and convenience is at the core of a product's value; every second counts, and I think we can go faster.

Helping us go sustainably

Tesla is revolutionizing what a car can be. The experience of driving a Tesla is invigorating, I think the experience of using the website should be too. Simple fixes help turn fans into customers. 

Helping us share

Instagram gives everyone a powerful marketing tool. With millions of people building brands on this tool the users count on every detail being seamless, and a few tweaks lead to massive growth.


This is a collection of test portfolio projects. This work is not connected to the actual company.